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What types of files are supported?

CloudPlayer Pro supports videos encoded as MP4 or FLV and audio files encoded as MP3.

How is my video/audio secure?

CloudPlayer Pro offers several options for securing the multi-media content that it displays on your website. We can't explain all of the technical details of how we do things, but we can offer some general information about how we do it. If your videos are stored on a server that doesn't have secure streaming built in, we use encryption to contact the server and send connection and streaming commands to it.

If you examine the source code of any of the pages that are using CloudPlayer to play media streams, you will see one long string of uncrackable, encrypted code that is being sent to our servers, which in turn send commands to your video storage servers. No one can tell what the location of your files might be or how to connect to them.

How many people can watch my video at one time?

Literally, there is no practical limit. Send as much traffic to your videos as you like - every visitor should enjoy a pristine playback of the video.

Is there a version of cloud player pro that can run on a non-wordpress website? We would like to plug it into a regular client website.

At this time, the answer is no. At some time in the future, we will be able to provide CloudPlayer as a functional script addition to a PHP page. Keep visiting the website and we will let you know when that update is available.

I noticed changes to the settings layout.  Does this indicate a new release?  If so, were you able to get in then HTML5 support?  Documentation/videos?

Yes there is a new release and it includes HTML5 support for iOS devices. You can read more about it here.

We are currently building an entire documentation site as we are quickly building massive amounts of new functionality into the plugin so we have decided to build a more robust system for documenting the plugin.

Does CloudPlayer Pro works with Microsoft's Azure Hosting Service?

At this time, we only support Amazon S3 and CloudFront.

How can I set up live webinar effect using this player. I want my users to watch it running live so they see only that part of video which was set to broadcast at that moment. Do you have any tutorial video for this setting.

This is beyond the scope of CloudPlayer Pro's capabilities. While there are people who are using CloudPlayer to play the video in such setups, it takes a significant amount of additional software to create a 'live' webinar replay system.

You may wish to check out the Webinar Selling Machine software or Webinar Marketing Machine's service.

Can I use this on a regular HTML page instead of wordpress?

Not at this time. At some time in the future we may develop the capability to add CloudPlayer Pro videos to PHP pages.

Can your plugin to protect files from downloading?

Yes, that is the main purpose of the plugin. That is what we mean when we say 'secure' streaming. We prevent downloading of your content. You can see more here: Secure MP4

Is there a version of cloud player pro that does not require amazon s3? We are thinking of using screencast.

At this time, no. But we are thinking of allowing a number of different server/CDN configurations. The major point of CloudPlayer is secure streaming, so we will probably not move quickly away from secure server alternatives.



Installation Requirements

To use CloudPlayer Pro, you will need WordPress 2.9.2 or higher, as well as have a site running on PHP 5.2.5 or higher with the IonCube Loader enabled.

Ioncube is free and generally provided by most hosting companies. If you don't have it enabled, contact technical support at your hosting company and have them enable it.

How do I install CloudPlayer Pro?

You install CloudPlayer just as you would any other WordPress plugin.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin from this page - CloudPlayer Plugin
  2. Go to the 'plugins' menu section on the WordPress Admin page - > click add new
  3. Choose 'Upload' from the menu choices at the top of the page
  4. Browse your computer to access the file
  5. Click on 'Install' and then activate the plugin

You can watch this video to see it done step by step: Installing CloudPlayer Pro

You may also want to check out this page for information on installing the CloudPlayer Pro Helper

How do I set up an Amazon S3 account?

Visit the website and follow their instructions


Watch step-by-step videos of how to do it right here:  Setting Up an AWS Account & Setting Up an S3 Account

How do I set up a CloudFront account on Amazon AWS?

Visit the Amazon AWS site and follow their directions


Watch a step-by-step video of doing it here:  Setting Up a CloudFront Account on AWS



I can't see my video, what's wrong?

If you can't see you video there are several things that could be causing it. The first and easiest to fix is that you have an incorrect folder or file name entered in the shortcode. Correcting that will fix the problem.

The next most likely cause has to do with the setup of your authenticated users for the bucket. If you have not used CloudBerry to set the permissions on the streaming distribution for you bucket to authenticated users, then the video will not show [ you will get an error code 200]. Make sure that once you set the permissions correctly in CloudBerry (see video 'Setting CloudPlayer Pro Defaults') then you must also set the permissions for the bucket within your Amazon AWS services management console. Set the bucket permissions to 'Authenticated Users'

The last thing that might be wrong is that you have incorrectly set up the RSA key pairs from your Amazon S3 account for your default settings. Review the 'Setting Up CloudPlayer Pro Defaults' video and follow the instructions to correct the issue.

I get an error message "XXXXX"

If the error message is displayed within the video player 'container' it indicates that you are not correctly connecting to the file that is defined within the CloudPlayer shortcode in your post.

This usually happens when the file name is misspelled, the path to the file is not correctly defined, the ACL settings for the file is not set to 'read' for the CloudFront Origin.

My video is not streaming, what is wrong?

There could be any number of things wrong but let's talk about some of the most common:

  1. You don't have your video encoded for streaming
  2. You have made a syntax error in the short code source
  3. Your authentication setup is incorrect

I am watching video through Cloud Player and experience frequent pauses before the video continues. This takes away from my video experience. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? (There are other videos I watch in Flash that do not experience these pauses.) Thank You.

CloudPlayer Pro is an implementation of FlowPlayer, which is a Flash player. As such, your viewing experience should be no different than with any other Flash-based player, such as Flash Player itself, JW Player and all the others.

The stops and gos you are experiencing are likely due to streaming problem between your computer and Amazon CloudFront, which is where all CloudPlayer videos are hosted.

I cannot get cloudberry to show any of my buckets. It seems to connect correctly but then the window is just blank...I am assuming this is why I can't get my videos to work.

While Cloudberry is a separate third-party software product that we do not provide support for, what you describe indicates to me that you have not set up your Amazon S3 account correctly or you have not properly entered the Access Key & Secret Key correctly in Cloudberry when you added the account.

If you can not see buckets and files in you Amazon S3 account (and with Cloudberry) then you will not be able to create your CloudFront distribution nor correctly configure the CloudPlayer Pro plugin to play videos.

What if I cancel subscription $14.99? Do I still can use the CloudPlayer Pro?

No - CloudPlayer Pro is a subscription-based player that keeps your videos secure. When you cancel your subscription your license to use CloudPlayer is suspended.

How long before HTML5 is supported?

Thank you for your question - and patience.

It's true that we are a little late in releasing our HTML5 version but there are good reasons for that...

CloudPlayer Pro is - first and foremost - intended as a secure video and audio player. While all other competitors have rushed to the market with HTML5 players, they have generally disregarded the "secure" aspect.

CloudPlayer Pro will continue to offer secure Amazon CloudFront streaming and will offer a SECURE fallback mechanism for iPad, iPod and iPhone devices based on Amazon S3 progressive download (pseudo-streaming).

We have finalized development and testing. At the moment, we are packaging the components together so that the additional features (upload utility, bucket creation, etc) are included in the next release.

We expect to release the new version in the early days of next week, April 11th-12th, 2011.

UPDATE: CloudPlayer now supports iOS and HTML5 video. You can review the limitations of of HTML5 video and its implementation on iDevices here.

I can hear my MP4 file but there is no video. Both audio and video play fine elsewhere. Any ideas?

This usually means that the MP4 hasn't been properly encoded for streaming.

File destined for streaming require so-called metadata, which keeps audio and video synchronized.

I am rebranding my business and switching domains. I would like to register the new domain with CloudPlayer Pro... What is the process to do so?Thanks!

CloudPlayer is based on FlowPlayer and each domain is licensed under their commercial license.

Commercial license have a lifetime validity and cannot be transferred as they cannot be "deactivated". To use CloudPlayer/Flowplayer with a new domain, you will need to purchase a new, one-time license for the new domain.

I'm using a squeeze page, then sending optins to a video page. They could just send the link to the video page to all their friends. Can CloudPlayer help this security issue? If so, how?

Yes, CloudPlayer Pro can help.

In CloudPlayer Pro, you define how long a link is valid, after which it will expire and will not be usable by anyone else. They will still be able to share the link but, after the expiration, it will not work.



How much does CloudPlayer Pro cost?

CloudPlayer Pro is licensed on a per domain basis. You can run as many WordPress sites using CloudPlayer Pro as you like on a single domain. If you want to use CloudPlayer Pro on a different domain, you will need an additional license.

The CloudPlayer Pro product consists of two parts, the CloudPlayer Pro license and a commercial license of FlowPlayer for the CPP licensed domain. Currently the CloudPlayer Pro license is $61.99 for the first month, and $14.99 for each month after that. The first month license fee includes $47 for the commercial license of FlowPlayer [which is non-refundable.]

What is the $14.99 per month for?

The $14/mnth is for a bunch of things – support, product development, and the on-going cost of our hosted service. Part of what makes the content delivery secure is that fact that we process the video coding server side, keeping the source off your page. Also, since we are processing server side, there are a lot of improvements that we can make to the plugin without any of our customers having to upgrade their own sites.

Is is possible to get a copy that I can use on unlimited domains?

At this time, we do not and an unlimited domain license fee plan.


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