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I'm using a squeeze page, then sending optins to a video page. They could just send the link to the video page to all their friends. Can CloudPlayer help this security issue? If so, how?

Yes, CloudPlayer Pro can help.

In CloudPlayer Pro, you define how long a link is valid, after which it will expire and will not be usable by anyone else. They will still be able to share the link but, after the expiration, it will not work.

Big NEWS... about CloudPlayer Pro and some familiar fruit (Apple)

Hi everyone I put this quick video together (is is about 10 min. long) to tell you about the exciting news that CloudPlayer Pro now supports Apple's iDevices.

Probably one of the best things about the new version of CloudPlayer (which you can get by using the download trial and then install it over your current version) is that you don't have to change the current implementation of any of your CloudPlayer code.

The there is one caveat to that and I explain it completely in the video about some choices that Steve Jobs and Apple have made about video playback on their platform which may affect you if you're using the start and duration overrides for CloudPlayer Pro.  If you aren't just install the plug-in and you're ready to go; there's really nothing for you to do.

I did not mention in the video all the upcoming things that are happening with CloudPlayer Pro with regard to iPad, iPhone, iDevice, and iTouch - but it suffices to say that there's going to be a lot of improvement.  However it will be on the server side so these next improvements that come with the iPad capabilities won't require you to do an upgrade; we'll just add it and you'll see extra capabilities displayed in the usage documentation for CloudPlayer Pro.

So hope everyone enjoys this new capability.  I hope that it helps you use video more effectively on your website and hope it helps you serve your customers better.  You can always leave a comment below will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.


Who is Joe Bonamassa?

Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall

If you are anything like me, you might be wondering the same thing - who is Joe Bonamassa? Until late last week, I had never heard of him. A friend of mine sent me and invitation to an online file sharing depository and said I should give this guy a listen.

Holy cow, is this guy good or what!?!?!?!?!?!

As soon as I finished listening to the first chapter, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to listen to the rest of the stuff. Trouble was, the way the video was rendered (downloadable, no streaming) I had to download each chapter before I could start listening. Not very ideal - so I decided to do something about it, but more about that later.

Now you may be a big time guitar aficionado, and already you may be very familiar with Joe's body of work, but if not I think you should get familiar. When I first started listening, I did some research, and I have to agree, Joe Bonamassa is probably the best guitar player that you have never heard of... in fact, he may be one of the best living guitar players period.

That is the main reason for my post. After doing my research, I learned that Joe was going to be concentrating on touring the US this year (2011) instead of playing mostly European venues. My thought was that if I could post an article with his 2009 concert at Albert Hall, it might just introduce a whole new group of fans to his music. It would be a really good thing for him and the music world. If you think so too, it would be great if you would share this link with your friends. Maybe you could share it on Facebook or even Tweet about it.



Chapters & Timestamps

01 - Road to Albert Hall - 0:0009 - Further On Up the Road - 36:2917 - Your Funeral My Trial - 1:09:50
02 - Django - 2:3810 - High Water Everywhere - 42:0818 - Blues Deluxe - 1:14:06
03 - Ballad of John Henry - 6:0711 - Sloe Gin - 47:1619 - Story of a Quarryman - 1:23:23
04 - So It's Like That - 12:5412 - Intermission - 55:3820 - The Great Flood - 1:28:40
05 - Last Kiss - 15:4913 - BB King - 56:0121 - Just Got Paid - 1:36:45
06 - So Many Roads - 23:0814 - Lonesome Road Blues - 57:2422 - Mountain Time - 1:48:12
07 - Stop! - 29:2915 - Happier Times - 1:01:5923 - Asking Around for You - 1:59:05
08 - Introducing Erci Clapton - 35:1116 - Paul Jones - 1:08:51 


What does CloudPlayer have to do with Joe Bonamassa?

It might not be obvious when you first landed on this page what this site is even all about. Let me explain. CloudPlayer is a standard WordPress plugin which helps you add video to your posts and pages. It does three main jobs - 1) it makes adding videos to your posts and pages incredibly simple, 2) it makes your website traffic proof and allows visitors to have a great viewing experience, and 3) it makes the video secure.

That last part is very important. What it means is that the video cannot be stolen. It can't be downloaded. It can't be used by anyone else. I'm hoping that since it is secure and can't be stolen, that Joe won't mind that I'm doing some promoition of his video.

One thing that I would like to point out, the video is a squosh out of sync and it isn't the very best quailty. Biggest reason for that, it has been rendered and re-rendered at least 3 times in order for me to be able to post it online for you to stream. So please don't hold the video quality degredation against CloudPlayer… with permission from the artist and access to the original quality material, CloudPlayer could be playing this concert back in 1080P HD video quality. As it is, the play back and random access of any spot on the video is rather remarkable. The file is a massive 2.8 GB and the video is over 2 hours and 10 minuts, yet you can randomly access almost any spot on the video almost instantly - pretty freaking cool!

How Does CloudPlayer Work?

CloudPlayer used Amazon's S3 & CloudFront services to create let you create a secure, streaming CDN (content distribution network) of your own as well as letting you add videos (and audios) to your posts and pages in a very simple way. In it's simplest form the code for adding the video above could have been done as simply as:


You can find out more about CloudPlayer and how you can use iton your site by visiting this free presentation Don't Lose Millions.

You can signup for a 100% free trial of CloudPlayer Pro by clickin this link: CloudPlayer Free Trial

Instant Contact Info Transfer

When I found the plugin for adding QR codes to WordPress blogs I got really excited. It was mostly because of how easy it is to add a QR code that can save your readers tons of time.

I was so impressed with the technology that I ordered up a set of brand new business cards with a QR code right on the front (also put it on the back.) Now when I give someone a business card, they can just use a scanner app on the 'Droid or iPhone and they will instantly have all of my contact info entered into their phone. They can save me as a contact,, email me, phone me, SMS me, or visit my website.

It is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and it makes it super easy to share your contact info with anyone. MUCH faster than calling them and having them thumb type your name and info into their phone.

Check out my new business card below:

If you have a WordPress blog, I would highly recommend that you get the WP QR Code plugin ($10) and add it right away. The uses for this plugin are practically unending. I'll be sharing some of the things that I do with it in future blog posts. Just scan the QR code below to visit the website sales page and pick up your copy. BTW, it is an affiliate link, I will make some money if you use the link, but there isn't any cheaper way to get it, so you might aa well use my link.

How to Add QR Codes to WordPress

Do you know about these secret codes that corporations
and savvy marketers are using right under your nose?

They're called QR Codes, and the technology is POWERFUL.

Check out the short video here to see what I mean:

Get the Plugin by scanning the code below:

Upgrading to CloudPlayer Pro

Download the Upgrade Checklist

Upgrade to CloudPlayer Pro Checklist

I've put together a video that takes you step-by-step through the process of upgrading from the CloudPlayer add-on for InfusionWP to the new CloudPlayer Pro. Not only do you get increased security with CloudPlayer Pro, but you also get the ability to use CloudPlayer on any WordPress site.

The process of upgrading is very simple and shouldn't take long. Preparing correctly is the most important thing, as you don't want to skip any steps and as a result have your videos no playing for your customers. In the email that I sent out to current customers, I put my online calendar so that you can make an appointment if you need a little 'extra' help in performing the upgrade.

I'm sure that you will find CloudPlayer Pro a very stable and secure platform for protecting your premium content. I know that over the coming months you are going to love the stuff that is coming... :)

Ryan Deiss’s “Magic Button” on Steroids

Wait till the end of the video for a SPECIAL Offer


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I created a user-generated shortcode that you might find very useful for if you have a website that uses InfusionWP. The short code will allow you to have a gradual fade out and fade in of content (like Ryan Deiss's "Magic Button") in all four major browsers. You can use these on pages, posts, or pages with special templates that you are using for lead capture or for sales pages.

There really is no end to what you can do. And the best part is that you can wait until the exact right time that your prospect should be at the height of their motivational curve and THEN display your call to action. Check out the directions below.

Your Magic Steroids Button Instructions

  1. Look below these numbered instructions and create all the shortcodes in your shortcode section of InfsionWP
  2. Create the two PHP include files that hold the content you want to show/fade on your page
  3. Create the "includes" subdirectory off the root of the WP installation
  4. FTP the PHP include files to the include directory
  5. Add the magic 'steroid' button to your page using the format below:
    [i4w_steriod_magic_button firstenter='# seconds' secondenter='# seconds' crossfade='# seconds' firstfile='first-filename.php' secondfile='second-filename.php']

Shortcodes you will need to make:

  • [i4w_ fade_timer_script]
  • [i4w_first_fade]
  • [i4w_second_fade]
  • [steriod_magic_button]

You will need to add a directory called 'includes' off the root WP install directory

Finally, make your PHP files to contain the fading content for your page or post.


CloudPlayer Pro Arrives

Announcing CloudPlayer Pro

We are proud to announce that starting today, October 25, 2010, you can add secure streaming video and audio to you website with the "easiest to use" plugin on the planet.

Carl Chapman (of internet marketing and Infusionsoft integration fame) and Bob Keen (of InfusionWP fame) programmer extraordinaire and one of the best customer care providers of any vendor that you will ever meet - have joined forces to fill a gap that has been vexing internet marketers for years: how to add videos to your website, do it simply and without wasting hours of time in setup and debugging while at the same time making sure that the video content is secure so that 'unwanted' guests can't "help themselves" to your premium content.

CloudPlayer Pro CloudPlayer Pro secure video player

Extensive Training Library

Video training library

A bevy of short training videos that walk you through every step necessary to build your own secure, streaming media empire.

Unequaled Performance

Amazon AWS


CloudPlayer Pro is meant to answer those questions. Without a doubt it provides the easiest and most secure way to provide highly available secure streaming video for any site that runs WordPress. If you need to protect premium content that is tied up in video, this is the solution you have been looking for.

Check out the extensive list of "How To" videos that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use Amazon S3 accounts and CloudFront accounts to store and serve your steaming content.

Get a free download of the plugin and try it absolutely free.

Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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