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Upgrade to CloudPlayer Pro Checklist

I've put together a video that takes you step-by-step through the process of upgrading from the CloudPlayer add-on for InfusionWP to the new CloudPlayer Pro. Not only do you get increased security with CloudPlayer Pro, but you also get the ability to use CloudPlayer on any WordPress site.

The process of upgrading is very simple and shouldn't take long. Preparing correctly is the most important thing, as you don't want to skip any steps and as a result have your videos no playing for your customers. In the email that I sent out to current customers, I put my online calendar so that you can make an appointment if you need a little 'extra' help in performing the upgrade.

I'm sure that you will find CloudPlayer Pro a very stable and secure platform for protecting your premium content. I know that over the coming months you are going to love the stuff that is coming... :)

3 Responses to “Upgrading to CloudPlayer Pro”

  • Hey Carl,

    An excellent set of instructions - the whole upgrade process went through without a hitch. Thanks for putting such the effort in to make the upgrade painless.

    I would suggest one possible improvement: when waiting for the Cloudfront distribution to be deployed it is a great time to copy the distribution URL from CloudBerry and paste it into the Cloudplayer settings.



  • Carl Chapman:


    Thanks so much for the comment and the kind words. I was most hopeful that it would be easy for people to do. Also appreciate your suggestion, wish I had thought of it myself, but I was busying myself with video production tasks at the time, so the wait didn't seem so interminable. Have a happy new year!

  • Core:

    Hey Carl, I just wanted to say Thank You for getting my player working when I had made a mistake installing it with the folder name. I would have never figured out how to fix it. Thank you for fixing the problem within 24 hours of me emailing you as well. I actually had a flow player license and spent over 3 months working with 3 different people trying to get the pseudo-streaming feature working. After 3 months and spending over $2000 to pay these guys, I still didn't have it working and I gave up hoping that an answer would eventually come. I never expected the answer to be so easy and simple to do. I am super impressed with the encryption and security that you also offer. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone!!


Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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