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CloudPlayer Pro - secure MP4 video streaming

CloudPlayer Pro is the easiest way to stream video that you have encoded as MP4 and do it securely. CloudPlayer Pro uses Amazon S3 And Amazon CloudFront to provide highly available, almost completely traffic independent streaming video. ClioudPlayer Pro also uses RSA public and private key pairs in order to secure your video content.

Thousands upon thousands of internet marketers and information product vendors are using secure video as their primary means of product delivery. Video is now quite simple to produce and extremely cost effective. Video also gives your website and product a level of credibility that is much higher than a similar product that doesn't use video. Of these thousands of marketers using secure streaming video, most are using MP4. None are using a product that is an simple to use and provides better security than CloudPlayer Pro.

MP4 streaming video is appropriate when you want to produce high quality video, HD quality and storage size and bandwidth issues are not considerations. If you are producing information that is very detailed, that your audience may want to enlarge to full scree, then MP4 is probably what you want to use as encoding method.

Below is a quick video that shows the entire process start to finish of recording, editing, producing, uploading, and inserting a secure streaming video into a WordPress post. The entire process takes just minutes with most of the time being expending in recording, processing, and uploading the video. The time spent on writing the shortcode using CloudPlayer Pro so that we could present our audience a secure streaming video was less than 8% of the total time involved - 42 seconds total, while I was s-l-o-w-l-y explaining it to you on camera :) .


Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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