Streaming MP3 Securely

Streaming MP3 Securely - There are times when you need to protect premium audio content. Why have to purchase a new piece of software or learn new commands to protect your audio, when you can use CloudPlayer Pro to give yourself the same rock solid secure streaming protection for you audio files as it does with you video files?

You get the same traffic proof availability from the CloudFront servers and the same hack-proof security with CloudPlayer Pro's secure streaming MP3 support. All you have to do is upload your MP3s to Amazon S3, create a distribution [if you followed my "How To" series this is not necessary because you have a distribution for your whole bucket], then just add the shortcode to your post with a different height and width setting..

Check out the shortcode on this page using the plugin so you can see what it looks like and acts like. Just below, you can see what the source code looks like"


Check out the streaming MP3 called by the shortcode.

Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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