Ryan Deiss’s “Magic Button” on Steroids

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I created a user-generated shortcode that you might find very useful for if you have a website that uses InfusionWP. The short code will allow you to have a gradual fade out and fade in of content (like Ryan Deiss's "Magic Button") in all four major browsers. You can use these on pages, posts, or pages with special templates that you are using for lead capture or for sales pages.

There really is no end to what you can do. And the best part is that you can wait until the exact right time that your prospect should be at the height of their motivational curve and THEN display your call to action. Check out the directions below.

Your Magic Steroids Button Instructions

  1. Look below these numbered instructions and create all the shortcodes in your shortcode section of InfsionWP
  2. Create the two PHP include files that hold the content you want to show/fade on your page
  3. Create the "includes" subdirectory off the root of the WP installation
  4. FTP the PHP include files to the include directory
  5. Add the magic 'steroid' button to your page using the format below:
    [i4w_steriod_magic_button firstenter='# seconds' secondenter='# seconds' crossfade='# seconds' firstfile='first-filename.php' secondfile='second-filename.php']

Shortcodes you will need to make:

  • [i4w_ fade_timer_script]
  • [i4w_first_fade]
  • [i4w_second_fade]
  • [steriod_magic_button]

You will need to add a directory called 'includes' off the root WP install directory

Finally, make your PHP files to contain the fading content for your page or post.


3 Responses to “Ryan Deiss’s “Magic Button” on Steroids”

  • Carl,
    wow, this is cool stuff.
    Way better than an empty div tag and space.
    Thanks for putting this out there.
    Your Cloudplayer Pro plugin saves me a ton of hair pulling frustration
    when posting videos.
    Not to mention the most secure method I've ever seen.
    (Tried them all)

  • cloudplayerpro:

    Thanks Tim. Glad it is working for you. Hope the 'Magic Button' will be helpful as well.

  • Carl,

    Wow! You keep making this CloudPlayer better and better! It's awesome! I'm looking to integrate it into my next project launch. It was great to get to know you in Costa Rica.

    Best to your continued success! JG

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