Limitations of iOs HTML5 and Other Notes


  • cp_onfinish_redir: This override parameter (server-side) allows the user to be redirected to a URL of choice.
    • cp_onfinish_redir:


  • I've just noticed, while testing the new parameter (above), that the latest FlowPlayer version is screwed up. It doesn't properly adjust the time display when used in conjunction with cp_start. That could be a big problem.
  • However, if 'cp_duration' is used, then all works as expected.
  • I've tried to programmatically determine what the full length is and, after deducting the start, assigning the duration through the FlowPlayer API. NoGo.
  • Workaround is to estimate and manually assign cp_duration.


  • The "autoplay" feature is disabled in Mobile Safari. There have been some hacks that allowed one to simulate a click through Javascript but these hacks keep getting disabled as each new iOS release hits the market. They are not reliable; we do not use them.
  • There is no workaround in CloudPlayer Pro.


  • The "start" and "duration" do not work reliably. In Mobile Safari, this Flash feature can be simulated through javascript but not reliably. A simple page refresh breaks it, exposing your entire video. This work around is not reliable; we do not use it.
  • The work around is to provide alternate videos, cut to the right length, for iDevices. The following parameters can be used:
    • cp_file_idevice:myVideo.mp4

    This can be overriden more specifically by providing alternate file names for each of the types of iDevice: iPad, iPod, iPhone.

    • cp_file_ipad:iPadVideo.mp4
    • cp_file_ipod:iPodVideo.mp4
    • cp_file_iphone:iPadVideo.mp4

    In addition, height and width parameters can also be used:

    • cp_height_idevice:300
    • cp_width_idevice:400
    • cp_height_ipad:600
    • cp_width_ipad:800
    • cp_height_ipod:300
    • cp_width_ipod:400
    • cp_height_iphone:300
    • cp_width_iphone:400

    Please note that the 'idevice' settings basically set a default for all iDevices, which can be further overriden with a device specific setting. As such, setting the file name, heigth and width for "idevice" would take care of both iPod and iPhone and only the iPad settings would have to be overriden. In this light, the following would be equivalent to the above:

    • cp_file_idevice:iDeviceVideo.mp4
    • cp_height_idevice:300
    • cp_width_idevice:400
    • cp_file_ipad:iPadVideo.mp4
    • cp_height_ipad:600
    • cp_width_ipdad:600

    iPhone, iPod and iTouch would inherit the 'idevice' settings whereas iPad would override with its own.

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