Instant Contact Info Transfer

When I found the plugin for adding QR codes to WordPress blogs I got really excited. It was mostly because of how easy it is to add a QR code that can save your readers tons of time.

I was so impressed with the technology that I ordered up a set of brand new business cards with a QR code right on the front (also put it on the back.) Now when I give someone a business card, they can just use a scanner app on the 'Droid or iPhone and they will instantly have all of my contact info entered into their phone. They can save me as a contact,, email me, phone me, SMS me, or visit my website.

It is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and it makes it super easy to share your contact info with anyone. MUCH faster than calling them and having them thumb type your name and info into their phone.

Check out my new business card below:

If you have a WordPress blog, I would highly recommend that you get the WP QR Code plugin ($10) and add it right away. The uses for this plugin are practically unending. I'll be sharing some of the things that I do with it in future blog posts. Just scan the QR code below to visit the website sales page and pick up your copy. BTW, it is an affiliate link, I will make some money if you use the link, but there isn't any cheaper way to get it, so you might aa well use my link.

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