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CloudPlayer Pro is by far the easiest way to add secure streaming videos and audio to your WordPress site. Added benefit is that because they use streaming and pseudo-streaming they use the least amount of bandwidth possible from your hosting account. If you have already setup you S3 account and your Cloudfront distribution, jump down to the section of videos that cover CloudPlayer Pro setup and usage.


Setting Up S3

Opening An Account with
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Adding S3 Services to
Your AWS Account
Getting Your Access Keys
for AWS S3

Transferring Files with S3 Organizer

Adding S3 Organizer
to Your FireFox Browser
Quick Tips on
Using S3 Organizer
'Non'-security Settings in
Amazon S3

Transferring Files with Cloudberry S3 Explorer
(browser independent alternative to S3 Organizer, we recommend this tool highly)

Installing Cloudberry
Adding Accounts In
Cloudberry Explorer
File Transfer with
Cloudberry Explorer

Setting Up CloudFront

Adding CloudFront
to Your AWS Account
Creating a Distribution
for Streaming
BONUS - Creating a
Download Distribution

Setting Up CloudPlayer Pro

Installing the CloudPlayer Pro
Plugin on Your Server
Setting Up the Defaults
for CloudPlayer Pro
Installing the CloudPlayer Pro
Helper Plugin on Your Server

Adding Videos to Your Blog

Adding a Video to a Page or Post
w/ Default Settings
Customizing Your Settings for
Individual Videos (part 1)
Customizing Your Settings for
Individual Videos (part 2)

Video Tips & Tricks

Creating BEST Quality for
CloudPlayer Pro using Camtasia
SMALLEST Videos for
CloudPlayer Pro using Camtasia
Streaming, Pseudo-streaming,
& Conversion

13 Responses to “"How To" Videos”

  • is there a version of cloudplayer pro that works on a non-wordpress website?

    is there a version of cloudplayer pro that works with screencast instead of amazon s3?



  • cloudplayerpro:

    Hi Jeff!

    At the present time, CloudPlayer Pro works as a plugin on WordPress sites only. On the development map is the expansion of the plugin to be able to work on any website that has PHP. That is some time off as you can imagine we have just released this newest version. We do not currently work with anything but Amazon Cloudfront but shortly, you will be able to have CloudFront pick up files from any website. Also, we will be adding other hosting options to the plugin as time goes on. For now, we feel that Amazon's services suit our target audience the best.

  • Randall:

    No download. No email. No reply to support tickets. Switched from Chrome to Firefox, same (non) result.

  • cloudplayerpro:

    Randall, I just now saw and approved your comment. I replied to you ticket and sent a personal email with the download link. Did you get it?

  • jason:

    How do you create short code from the videos on Amazons S3 servers?
    I tried adding the S3 url video link on the "add video" function and it said the link was unauthorized.
    I then added the link with the link function and it opened the video in a new page.

    I want the videos enbedded on the page.
    I could not find this info in the tutorials.

    Also - I am on a MAC so I can't use Cloudberry.


  • cloudplayerpro:

    Jason, you have to use CloudBerry. Not even Amazon itslef's file programs can do what CloudBerry does. Either run it using parallels or bootcamp, or borrow a PC. Unfortunate, but true.

    As for the how to, you should check out the 'upgrade' video on the blog: http://cloudplayer.pro/upgrading-to-cloudplayer-pro

    If you still need help, contact me via Skype tomorrow and I'll be glad to help. Just send an invite to carl.chapman.sr

  • jason:

    Thanks Carl
    I set up cloudberry on a PC. How do I get the short code to put into WP?
    I used the "Generate Web URL" function set to HTML on cloudberry.
    When I pasted on WP it looks like a video box with no video.
    Tried skyping you were not there.



  • What about HTML 5?


  • cloudplayerpro:


    Thanks for your comment & questions. HTML5 is not in the plugin yet, but is on the development path. There are not currently 'skins' but there are a number of overrides that will allow you to adjust the look of the control bar (really the only thing that you need to change). Documentation consists of the HowTo Videos and a built in page of documentation on the 'Help' page of the plugin itself. This documentation stays up to date as the plugin goes through upgrades. Analytics, not sure where we are going on that one.

  • jason:

    Carl - my videos in infusionwp are not hidden from the general public. I have the ACL settings on for cloudplayer and me, and blocked for "everyone." I checked the access settings on infusionwp - the videos that are open to non-members should be hidden. Can you please help - thanks!

  • Does it look like it will be more than a month or so before CP is coded to support HTML5?

  • Just saw the you are hoping to have HTML5 support around April 11th. Looking forward to it!

  • cloudplayerpro:

    30 days late... but there she goes...

Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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