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Tim Olson of PDR Secrets in a CloudPlayer video

Tim Olson of and in an HD quality instructional video playing on his membership site

Tim Olson is the founder of the Paintless Mentor System found at It is the most comprehensive program for paintless dent repair training available. Because of the unique "You See What I See" filming method, Tim has hundreds of successful students across the globe. Thanks to CloudplayerPro, the videos are now available streaming online. Find out more about pdr training today.


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I want to tell you about a very important tool to me - Cloudplayer.

I've used and studied videos online, in fact I've had videos online before YouTube was ever invented. And putting video online has always been hard... almost as if you had to be a coder.

The thing I like about CloudPlayer is that it is just 4 lines that you copy and paste where you want your video, and you're done. Another thing I like about CloudPlayer is that I can use just one video to 'sample' or give away portions, Cloudplayer makes it simple.

But the best thing I like about CloudPlayer is that it lets you serve your videos online securely. Until now, there really has been no way to do that.

This is the most secure way to play video that I have ever seen in all my years of using video online. I'm very proud to recommend it.

Tim Olson
Founder -

Chef Todd Mohr in a CloudPlayer video

Chef Todd Mohr of uses CloudPlayer to deliver online cooking lessons

If your Mom or Grandma didn't teach you to cook, you're unfortunately left to recipe books and celebrity chefs on TV.  The problem is neither of these actually teach you HOW to cook. The Food Network is the MTV of Food.  MTV used to play music, now they're entertainment ABOUT music.  The Food Network is entertainment ABOUT food, they don't teach anyone to cook. Neither will you learn how to cook from a book.  Written recipes won't teach you to cook any more than having sheet music will teach you to play piano.  There are too many variables in recipes that always lead to frustration.

The best way to free yourself from recipes and cook like a chef at home is to examine the basic cooking methods.  When you learn HOW to saute, broil, grill, roast, then you can create your own recipes from what you have on hand. Knowing HOW to cook anything is a skill that will save you time, money at the grocery store, improve your health, reunite your family over dinner, eat a greater variety of foods, and have this skill for the rest of your life. is unique on the internet, and in the world of cooking instruction.  Rather than a huge library of recipes, the three
16 week modules of the curriculum brings the student from beginning to end, with one skill building on the next. releases a new 20-30 minute cooking method video each week to members private access webpage. My instruction is unique because there's not a single recipe in the 48 week course!  I empower people to cook without recipes, using basic cooking methods with the ingredients THEY desire.

Discover the secrets of the saute' method through my "South of France Chicken", a FREE online cooking class at  Can you change your cooking forever in just 6 minutes?  Take the FREE online class and join thousands who have!


Chef Todd of
Watch Chef Todd

I'm Chef Todd Mohr and my website is

My webiste provides hundreds of videos to help people increase their enjoyment of cooking. But waiting for videos to buffer as they downloaded wasn't very enjoyable.

With CloudPlayer, my students don't have to wait on downloads because my videos stream to them instantly. They can access long videos at whatever point they last left off. And my videos are now secure. All my hard work is now protected and can't be stolen.

I'm so glad I downloaded the free trial. CloudPlayer is now a necessary part of my business.

Chef Todd Mohr

Ricardo Gonzales in a CloudPlayer video

Ricardo González of uses CloudPlayer to deliver online Spanish Lessons

Make sure that you check our Ricardo's new "Claro Initiative." You can get a complete, super high quality Spanish course absolutely free. It has got to be one of the best offers ever put together for any product or service. Clients of rave about the quality of instruction and training. If you have any current or future need to learn Spanish, visit Ricardo's site and check out the incredible resources that he has marshaled to help make learning fun and fast.


In Ricardo’s own words!


We started using CloudPlayer Pro out of frustration with JW PLayer.

Now with CloudPlayer Pro we have a solution that is easy to use, flexible, and best of all secures our video content so that it can't be stolen.

Their service is great and the training videos are easy to understand. IF you are running audio and video on your website, then I recommend that you get CloudPlayer Pro.

Ricardo González

Amazon s3 services + flowplayer flash video player + Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers = CloudPlayer streaming media player


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