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CloudPlayer Pro

CloudPlayer Pro is the easiest way to add secure, streaming video to you WordPress website. You can use it to protect your premium video and audio content. You can use it to deliver training. You can use it to protect your information products. You can use it to traffic proof your website by using Amazon S# and Amazon CloudFront and trun them into a low-cost content distribution network (CDN). Now you don't have to worry about huge launches and unexpected traffic taking you sites down, just put the high bandwidth demanding video and audio on Amazon and let CloudPlayer Pro handle the delivery of video an audio to your audience.

With CloudPlayer Pro you can add videos to your posts and pages on your WordPress site in mere seconds. Our efficient and flexible shortcode language is fully documented and will only take you a moment to master. Don't feel like learning anything new, no problem, just copy and paste from our documentation. We have a full video training library that has dozens of videos that not only show you how to set up and use CloudPlayer Pro (that only takes 3 videos) but we also show you everything you need to know how to do in order to use Amazon S3 and CloudFront as your CDN. Now you can deliver video just like the big named Internet Marketing Gurus.

Just fill out the form above, then look for the email with your download link to get started. you can get started and have traffic-proof, secure, streaming video added to you site in minutes.


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Disclaimer:Do not buy CloudPlayer if you think it will automatically make you a a lot of money.
You have to work to succeed in anything (especially Internet marketing) and I'm neither going to hide nor apologize
for that. CloudPlayer is only as secure as Amazon makes S3 and CloudFront, and we are NOT perfect. We have made
CloudPlayer as secure as we can. CloudPlayer streams only MP4, FLV, and MP3