Big NEWS... about CloudPlayer Pro and some familiar fruit (Apple)

Hi everyone I put this quick video together (is is about 10 min. long) to tell you about the exciting news that CloudPlayer Pro now supports Apple's iDevices.

Probably one of the best things about the new version of CloudPlayer (which you can get by using the download trial and then install it over your current version) is that you don't have to change the current implementation of any of your CloudPlayer code.

The there is one caveat to that and I explain it completely in the video about some choices that Steve Jobs and Apple have made about video playback on their platform which may affect you if you're using the start and duration overrides for CloudPlayer Pro.  If you aren't just install the plug-in and you're ready to go; there's really nothing for you to do.

I did not mention in the video all the upcoming things that are happening with CloudPlayer Pro with regard to iPad, iPhone, iDevice, and iTouch - but it suffices to say that there's going to be a lot of improvement.  However it will be on the server side so these next improvements that come with the iPad capabilities won't require you to do an upgrade; we'll just add it and you'll see extra capabilities displayed in the usage documentation for CloudPlayer Pro.

So hope everyone enjoys this new capability.  I hope that it helps you use video more effectively on your website and hope it helps you serve your customers better.  You can always leave a comment below will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.


4 Responses to “Big NEWS... about CloudPlayer Pro and some familiar fruit (Apple)”

  • How do i update to the latest version of cloudplayer?
    Our site is still running version 2.01? Bob put the cloudplayer files on our s3 server, because it wouldn't work properly.

  • Gwen:

    Great news.

    After downloading the update, I added an existing mp4 from another webpage with CPP, to test on a mobile page with an iphone, but all I got was the shortcode. Am I missing something? Didn't change any code whatsoever and there are no snippets.


  • cloudplayerpro:

    Did you just download it? Or did you also upload it in place of the older version?

    What version of CPP is your site showing? It should be

  • cloudplayerpro:

    Andrew, get back to me with the credentials for your S3 server.

    Assuming the same issues as in the past, the new files will have to be moved there as well.

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